Why advanced real-time optimization?



1. The Challenges...

... for wastewater treatment plants and sewer networks to address

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Increasingly stringent regulations, aging infrastructure, climate change and population growth or decline are driving wastewater utilities to adopt advanced optimization techniques.

Advanced optimization helps operators of wastewater treatment plants :

  • to be compliant
  • to reduce energy & chemical consumptions
  • to avoid investment costs through the optimal use of existing infrastructure

2. The Solution...

... secure, modular and cloud-based

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We offer a secure modular cloud-based solution to your wastewater treatment plant and sewer network, allowing a maximized and holistic performance across all the operation units and a continuous real-time adaptation to all load and weather situations.



aquavista plant boost plant performances

With intuitive user interfaces and more than 60 features developed over more than 25 years in close collaboration with the customers, AQUAVISTATM Plant will allow you to boost the performance of your installations.

 Reaching up to 30% in overall OPEX savings

  • up to 30% reduction in aeration energy consumption
  • up to 75% reduction in mixing and internal pumping energy
  • up to 100% reduction in chemical consumption with lower concentrations in the effluent and a stable operation
  • Biological capacity extended up to 40% with the same effluent concentrations
  • Hydraulic capacity extended up to 100% resulting in less number of bypasses/CSOs, less or smaller retention basins in the sewer system and less or avoided investment for any required extension


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